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life became special
the day you entered my life
birthday wish to say
I'll fill all your days with love
my sweetheart... you’re everything

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Romantic birthday wishes are full of the greates wishes and the warmest messages of love, passion and affection. Special poems to wish a happy birthday to someone you really love and like very much.

you’re special to me
my life is incomplete without
your love and friendship
you make my life worth living
happy birthday my darling

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Romantic birthday greetings on this page or love poems to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. These sayings of affection are also great for birthdays of husband or wife.

birthday recipe
a big kiss and special hug
a small reminder
I love you each day of the year
more than words can express

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Romantic birthday messages are very popular along our bday wishes and greetings. Birthdays are a fine occasion to express your love and affection.

birthdays come and go
but my love remains and grows
in my heart forever
close your eyes and make a wish
all good things will come to you
happy birthday my sweet love

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Romantic birthday sayings can also be used to tell a boyfriend or girlfriend that you have special feelings for him or her, more than friendship feelings.

magical moments
wonderful hours of joy
sweet fragments of our
affection tucked in my heart
my birthday wishes to you

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Birthday romantic poems are bday messages that are great for people who in love with each other. Teling you care and always want to be with him of her.

I’m not letting you go
distance can't keep us apart
miss you very much
your birthday lights up my day
above all your compelling charisma

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When you're looking for a short messages, than we can help you with our romantic birthday quotes. If you really want to express your love than go for one of our romantic birthday poems.

I can’t put a price
on all my memories but
I'll make them better
adding the moments I spent with you
happy birthday my sweetest

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We have love birthday wishes for men and woman. You can choose between romantic birthday wishes for her when a boyfriend want to surprise his girlfriend and romantic birthday wishes for him when a girlfriend want to wish her boyfriend a happy birthday.

a world full of love
an ocean of good wishes
to share together
you're very special to me
wish you a happy birthday

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Try these romantic birthday wishes and loving birthday messages for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover and fiance and make them happy.

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