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now you are 45
you'll need much more guidance
as you grow older
don't worry about temptations
seductions will avoid you

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It is not always easy to write a poem for a happy 45th birthday greeting card? Do you want to surprise a friend or special person who turns 45? Go and enjoy are cute sayings for a 45th birthday greeting card.

birthdays are like candies
you will enjoy them much more
if you listen to me
don't try to count them and
you'll live healthy for 45 years to come

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45th birthday suggestions for having a great bday party: ask friends and family to give a present with a one of our 45th birthday quotes and sayings . This is a great idea if you don't know how to celebrate your 45th birthday.

in an emergency
you may tell a lie
for example
if someone asks you
are you 45 yet

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Sayings about 45th birthday can be funny, but there are also inspirational wishes and greetings that are great to use on cards and letters. You can even use them for your 45th bday party invitations.

newly your birthday
appeared on my calendar
with digit 5 next to digit 4
look on the bright side
turning 45 is better than 54

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