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when I entrusted
my feelings of our friendship
to my daily journal
the calendar colored
the day of your 21st birthday

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21st birthday presents for girls have more spirit when you add an inspirational bday poem. Try one of our spiritual 21st birthday wishes for an wonderful gift.

now with twenty-one
you can do the same as before
but you no longer need to hide it
wish you a liberating birthday

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Look for great ideas for 21st birthday party. You can find many original things that you can do on a 21st bday party. But the most important thing is that you don't forget to write a nice 21st birthday message on an amazing greeting card.

at 21 starts
a revolutionary upgrade
spyware from parents
is subtly replaced
by phishing scans of girlfriend
watch out for her cookies

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21st birthday poems for sister Make your sister or niece happy on her 21st birthday party. Send her a lovely spiritual 21st bday wish. You can find many great ideas on this website.

for 3 years now
you're officially an adult
but somehow you manage
to escape your obligations
an excellent performance
an admirable 21st birthday

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Sweet 21st birthday sayings are special greetings, because turning 21 is a milestone in the life of every boy or girl. The transition from childhood to adulthood. These 21st bday poems emphasize the responsibilities associated with aging.


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