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my dearest treasure
you light up my life each day
you’re a screaming fantastic kid
have a wonderful 19th birthday
a cool party with all your friends

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19th birthday for girls are more special when you add a bday wish. Use one of our 19th birthday wishes for a big surprise. Give them a present from the heart. Gifts do'nt have to be expensive.

when friends say
you're boring, pedantic
too strict and stingy
then you're trying too hard
to resemble an adult
great 19th birthday

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Ideas for 19th birthday party These are bday parties with all close friends. 19 year old is on the threshold of adulthood. Surprise your son or daughter with an original eightteenth bday gift.

warm beer and cool girls
or do you prefer the reverse
your 19th birthday party
is going from cool to hot
with an amazing ambiance

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19th birthday wishes for sister Surprise her on her 19th birthday party. Show your love and friendship by giving her an nice 19 years old bday greeting card. This will make her jump in the air.

I'm having a good time
with you my friend
wishing you the very best
a special day filled with
moutains of happiness
on your 19th birthday

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19th birthday sayings are special greetings, because turning 19 is a milestone in the life of every boy or girl. The transition from childhood to adulthood. These 19 years old bday poems emphasize the responsibilities associated with aging.


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