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I wish you enough power
to party 14 days
congratulations kid
have an astonishing birthday

- funny 14th birthday greeting cards -
14th birthday greetings for son or daughter. Kids are glad when they receive birthday messages. It's great to get personalized birthday sayings.

my perfect gift
for a 14 year old boy
a ladybug with fourteen dots called
propylea quatuordecimpunctata

- humorous 14 year old birthday wishes -
14th birthday greetings card with a lovely message makes every girl or boy excited. Try a funny 14th birthday wish and your greeting will be shown to everyone.

fourteen trucks loaded
with warm congratulations
pleasant reading brother

- 14th birthday poem best friend -
14th birthday card with funny messages for 14 year old girls or boys. Kids like to receive gifts with a special note. They will be eager to know the message of the greeting card.

stop growing boy
soon I will need a ladder
to give you a kiss
enjoy your 14th birthday
your proud grandmother

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great cheesecake recipes for anniversaries
happy 14th birthday invitation wording CHEESECAKE FOR BIRTHDAYS 14 year old birthday cake
Birthday wishes for a 14 year old son or daughter are not so easy to invent. Avoid writting about blowing 14 candles! That is not original enough. Check the points of interest of person in particular. What are their hobbies.


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