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two cheeky eyes
two ears to disobey
two arms to hug
two legs to avoid punishment
two feet to tickle
an innocent smile
wish you a wonderful 11th birthday

- happy 11th birthday messages for friends -
11th birthday wishes for girls and boys. Children are happy when they get many birthday greetings cards. It's cool to get personalized birthday wishes.

today is your day
my opportunity to tell
how special you are
if 11 kisses are
too much to handle
you can go for
one kiss on each cheek

- funny 11 year old birthday sayings -
11th birthday greeting cards with a special message makes every boy or girl very proud. When you go for a funny 11 year old birthday quote, then your greeting card will be shown to everybody.

may each day be filled
with life’s best things for you
hip hip hooray
enjoy your 11th birthday
happy greetings from your best friend

- 11th birthday wish best friend -
11th birthday sayings make all birthday parties for 11 year old boys or girls very special. Children adores to get presents with a special note. They will of course be curious to know what their best friend has written on his greeting card.

New York State is the
11th state of the US constitution
the NASA project to the moon
was called Apollo 11
121 divided by 11 gives 11
today 11 stands for your birthday
congratulations from ...

- invite wording 11th birthday party -
great cheesecake recipes for anniversaries
happy 11th birthday invitation wording CHEESECAKE FOR BIRTHDAYS 11 year old birthday party ideas
Birthday wishes for a 11 year old boys or girls are easier to write than you think. Try to be original. Avoid the blowing of 11 candles! Try to know the points of interest of the boy or girl in particular.

the first 1 stands for
one hand to congratulate you
the second 1 for
one hand to offer a present
so happy 11th birthday

- short funny 11th anniversary poems -
spelling words for kids
11th birthday poem girl SPELLING WORDS ONLINE funny 11th birthday sms message
11th birthday quotes to add with a present for an 11 year old bday party. There are poems for boys and girls. Most of the messages are new, so completely original.

you're fond of animals
dogs, cats, dolphins and turtles
then you'll like me too
I'm a party animal
let's celebrate your 11th birthday

- funny 11th birthday sayinigs from friend -
learning fractions online
funny 11th birthday greeting card sister EXERCISES LIKE FRACTIONS 11 year old birthday wishes from brother
Looking for great birthday ideas for 11 year old boys or girls? Which games are fun to play. What do 11 year old kids like to drink and eat. A great idea to surprise someone on his birthday is to ask all friends to write a short 11th birthday poem.

we wish you the best
have an awesome 11th birthday
hope to see you soon
your smile on skype brightens our day
wish you great adventures

- missing you 11th birthday wish -
eft for feelings of loss
funny quote 11th birthday EFT TAPING FOR GRIEF short 11 year old birthday friend
11 year old birthday wishes for kids who are living far away. Greetings to express how much you miss them and are looking forwards to see them again.

GREAT! it’s your birthday
number eleven I hear
wish you a wonderful year
cut the cake and celebrate
I can stay whole week

- happy 11th birthday wishes -
learning french verbs and vocabulary
11 year old boy birthday gift LEARNING FRENCH VERBS 11th birthday boy present
11th birthday sayings. A nice birthday gift for an 11 year old boy or girl? When give a present on an 11th birthday party, always add a funny message or a cute poem. This gives your gift an extra touch.


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