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enjoy the presents
on your first double digit
bday party
a 10 candles birthday cake
and tons of hugs & kisses

- funny 10th birthday greetings from friends -
10th birthday greetings for boys and girls. Kids like to receive a little poem on their poem with a message how great and cool they are.

the cake looks small 'cause
there are 10 candles to blow out
happy tenth birthday
you deserve ten gifts after
blowing out all 10 candles

- funny 10 year old son birthday wishes -
10 year old birthday cards get a special touch when there is more than just the text happy birthday. Add one of our short sayings or cute funny poems. Each ten yo boy or 10 year old girl like to receive a personalized message.

let's start this party
candle blowing, cake eating
and lots of presents
may all your 10 wishes come true
happy birthday 10 year old

- short tenth birthday poems -
10th birthday quotes are short messages you can use for greeting cards or text messages for any 10 year old anniversary. Children like to receive a little note on their bday telling how cute and smart they are.

when you turn TEN
you become more terrific,
nicer, cooler and
more extraordinary
one day you'll be like me - LOL
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happy 10th birthday sayings sister CHEESECAKE FOR BIRTHDAYS 10 year old birthday brother poem
Birthday wishes for a 10 year old are not easy to write for many people. This is your lucky day. All the poems on this page or free to use if non-commercial. Surprise your son, daughter, brother, sister, schoolfriend ... with one of our short anniversary sayings.

hello 10 year old
you’ve scored your first decade
on getting so cool and smart
have a great bday party

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spelling words for kids
funny 10th birthday greetings girl SPELLING WORDS ONLINE short 10th birthday sayings  boy
10th birthday poems are great to write on an anniversary card, to email or to sms. Most kids still like to receive a real birthday card with a special message. We have birthday poems for boys and girls.

it's very difficult
to explain what coolness is
for me it's easy
I only need to think of you
the coolest kid in the world
cool 10th birthday wishes

- funny 10th birthday greetings from friend -
learning fractions online
funny tenth birthday sayings sister EXERCISES UNLIKE FRACTIONS short 10 year old birthday wishes brother

Birthday party ideas for 10 year old can be games to play or what to eat and drink. A great idea is to ask each kid in advance to write a short 10th birthday poem or a funny 10 year old bday message for their friend.

a new world starts at 10
different behavior, dreams,
thoughts, feelings and new hopes
you’re the sweetest kid I know
happy 10th birthday party

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eft for feelings of loss
funny quotes 10th birthday nephew EFT TAPING FOR GRIEF short poems birthday niece
10 year old birthday party games make an anniversary great. Writing funny birthday poems is also lots of fun. Try it on your bday party and our messages and sayings to make your own poems.

9 is tired and
closes his eyes gratefully
11 appears far too early
time to enjoy your 10th birthday

- happy 10th birthday greeting cards -
learning french verbs and vocabulary
short ten year old girl birthday wishes LEARNING FRENCH VERBS funny 10th birthday boy sayings
What to buy a 10 year old for his birthday? When you buy a present for a 10th birthday don't forget to add a lovely message or a funny poem. There are many wishes and greetings on this website that are suitable.

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